Nubaira Milki

Co-Director of Finance

Nubaira is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University from Toronto, Canada. Her major is Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She is involved in the debate team, MEDLIFE volunteer group, and student government at JHU. She is also an undergraduate researcher at the Hopkins medical campus investigating hypoxia in breast cancer. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, public speaking, and rollerblading.


Stacy Kim

Co-Director of Finance

Stacy Kim is a sophomore attending UCLA who is planning on majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Accounting. She plans to pursue a career in investment banking and developed an interest in finance through her involvement in different roles at UCLA in the finance committee for Bruin Women in Business, Bruin Hedge Fund, and Fashion and Student Trends. Her personal interests and hobbies are golf, Pilates, baking egg tarts, and YouTube content creating!


Iris Chen

Director of
Content Marketing

Iris is a sophomore at Columbia University studying English. She is interested in studying how Chinese family-planning policies have impacted female migration and traditional family structures in Shanghai and has conducted dozens of interviews with local migrant workers on the subject. Her writing has also been featured in Shanghai Daily and various literary magazines. Beyond her academics, she loves painting, filmmaking, street photography and everything about Fran Lebowitz.


Aarav Kedia

Director of
Webinar Marketing

Aarav is a first-year at SVC, Delhi University concentrating in Finance and Commerce. He wishes to be a serial entrepreneur in the near future and is passionate about youth-led social change. He shows a keen interest in participating in business competitions and a variety of clubs such as marketing, E-Cell, consulting, and finance societies under his college domain. In his free time, Aarav loves to go on a long drive with his friends, watch Tamil movies, and is a complete foodie (with some extra love for pizzas)! You can reach him at