Panel to the People (P2TP) is an intercollegiate organization that facilitates in-depth discussions by connecting the public to experts with diverse perspectives regarding salient topics. Born from the surplus of information and scarcity of interpretation pervasive during the COVID-19 pandemic, P2TP has worked to bridge the gap between the issues the public faces and the processing of such issues in an interactive manner through nuanced panel discussions of topics including but not limited to public health, human rights, environmental issues, and educational reform.


P2TP strives to orchestrate a unique harmony between our panelists and our audience through interactive discussions featuring questions either directly from the public or influenced by public opinion. This serves to add dimensions to issues that would otherwise be viewed in a linear manner. Recognizing such nuances in the issues surrounding us is integral for making informed decisions, building understanding, and promoting tolerance in our increasingly complex world.

Just as we are bringing change on a national scale with our webinars, we are implementing change on a local scale as well. Our chapters engage with their communities in four ways: fundraising, mentorship, research, and volunteer work. For each webinar, all of our chapters conduct fundraisers and as a collective organization, donate 100 percent of funds raised to a charity based on the topic of the webinar for a total of five to six charities every year. Additionally, our People’s Prep high school mentorship initiative offers free college preparatory workshops regarding topics such as academics, student life, college admissions, and application preparation to high school students in our local communities in efforts to make higher education more accessible to everyone. One of the main projects that Panel to the People focuses on, however, is its semesterly research conference. Each P2TP chapter conducts their own research project (intercollegiate partnerships are also allowed) on a current pressing problem or significant issue through quantitative, qualitative, or a mixed methods approach and present their findings and their own potential solutions through research papers, trifold displays, documentaries, animations, and websites, or even design innovative products that can serve as tangible solutions to existing problems. Every summer, Panel to the People's collegiate chapters then showcase their research projects to the public and share their findings and implications. These projects are a way that P2TP's chapters can give back to our community through the power of information and a call to action. Finally, P2TP prides itself on conducting change within our own communities. Every chapter partners with two to three local organizations to produce service opportunities for general members as a way to give back.

With each topic we discuss, charity we donate to, student we mentor, research we conduct, and community we help, the mission of Panel to the People resounds in the forefront of our minds: Inform and Reform.