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Jenny Na

VP of Ambassadors

Jenny is a sophomore at Princeton University, concentrating in Economics and pursuing certificates in Finance and Statistics & Machine Learning. She serves as a Project Manager at Princeton University Nonprofit Consulting and as a Director at the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club's Tigers in Product sub-team. She enjoys watching e-sports during her free time and has recently taken up fencing as a hobby.


Lisa Dong

VP of Finance

Lisa is a junior at the University of Chicago pursuing a double major in Economics and Public Policy.  She is interested in pursuing a career in either consulting or finance. She is a collegiate swimmer at the national level and enjoys boxing, singing, and photography.

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Hanyah Zackriah

VP of Moderation

Hanyah is a molecular and cell biology major at UC Berkeley. She is interested in innovative pedagogical techniques and their applications in STEM classrooms and beyond. She is excited about Panel to the People’s mission to promote access to the latest ideas. This quarantine, she has been trying to replicate the perfect cornbread she ate at a diner on a road trip through Idaho. So far her efforts have been too sweet, too salty, too bland, or too greasy. Any suggestions are welcome.


Donna Jiajia Qi

VP of Marketing

Donna is a junior at Columbia University studying Economics and History. Beyond Panel to the People, Donna is interested in international relations, finance, and pursuing law in the future. At Columbia, she is involved in the International Relations Council and Association, Lion Fund, an undergraduate-run hedge fund, and Matriculate. These activities exemplify her hope to continue democratizing access to information and create valuable content that will both be educational and interesting. Due to the pandemic, Donna has been on a gap year. During this time, she is interning for an international law firm in Shanghai, hoping to learn more about the legal profession. Beyond her academic interests, she loves reading suspense thrillers, listening to podcasts on the subway, and taking walks.


Tanish Sathish

VP of Publicity

Tanish Sathish is a junior at Irvington High School. They aspire to pursue a career in the medical field as a cardiac surgeon and has a great interest in biology. They are a student researcher with a background in biochemistry and biology and an advocate for COVID-19 and awareness. As the President of his school's Biomedical Engineering Club they express their passion for all things STEM and participates in a variety of clubs such as Debate and DECA. In thier free time, Tanish loves to bike, watch movies, and hang out with their friends!


Andie Van Horn

VP of Design

Andie uses she/her pronouns. She is studying remotely in Roseville, CA while working at a local diner. She is a third-year Pre-Biology student at UCSB who plans to major in Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology with a minor in Science & Mathematics Education. Her dream job is anywhere she can continue her work in inspiring conservation of the ocean. In her free time she enjoys being outside, buying new plants, hanging out with her kitten and taking naps.