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Camden Lee

Camden Lee is a junior at Columbia University studying business management and sociology on the pre-law and pre-business tracks. Before joining Panel to the People, he had founded and led two different research organizations and was also recognized by NASA as a collegiate winner for an agricultural technology competition. At Columbia, he serves as Co-President for their American Red Cross chapter, as Marketing Chair for the Columbia Pre-Law Society, as the Chair of Outreach for the University Life Events Council, and as the Board Advisor for the Columbia chapter of Panel to the People. In his spare time, he enjoys sketching cityscapes, playing the cello, creating 3D models, and learning new languages (picking up a fifth as of now).


Maria Richards

Maria Richards graduated as Valedictorian from Mira Loma high school with an IB Diploma and is now a junior at UC Berkeley studying economics. She is an accomplished debater, having won major invitationals and being selected for the Tournament of Champions. She is a former intern for a US Senate campaign. At Berkeley, she pursues her interests in business and current events by being an Op-Ed contributor to The Daily Californian and Marketing Director of a non-profit (TasselLink).


Divita Pandita

Divita is a graduate of UC Berkeley with B.A.s in neurobiology, public health, and education. As of now, she dedicates her time towards making the healthcare system more accessible to underserved populations by one, running a nonprofit known as the Blood Pressure Project, (which primarily provides free blood pressure screenings, education about heart health, and connection to primary care ), and two, working in educational environments to make STEM more accessible to minority students. She is so excited to see where P2TP goes, and hopes you all will join P2TP in its mission to bring credible, intellectual conversations to as many communities as possible!