Fall 2021 Recruitment: Open Positions


Have experience with leadership, administration, communication and/or organization?

Want to catalyze credible, intellectual conversations about a variety of topics?

Want to be a student pioneer and start a P2TP chapter in your college?

Apply to start a chapter for your college at Panel to the People

and serve as the President of your collegiate chapter!

We are particularly looking to open new chapters at:

Caltech, Emory, MIT, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Rice, UMich (Ann Arbor), USC, UCSD, Vanderbilt, WashU (St. Louis), and Yale

If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in any of these schools above (or a four-year American college/university not listed on our website) and you would like to open a new chapter at your institution, please contact the executive based on your institution's coast

(contact information listed below). Applications for founders are received on a rolling basis.



Do you attend...

Columbia, Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Tufts, or UCSB?

Executive positions for these collegiate chapters are open for Fall 2021, and all interested undergraduate students attending these institutions are welcome to apply! Each university chapter has their own deadlines and policies, so please

Apply to be a chapter executive for your university at Panel to the People!

Columbia: tinyurl.com/p2tpcolumbiaexec

Duke: tinyurl.com/dukeexec

Harvard: tinyurl.com/harvardexec

Stanford: tinyurl.com/stanfordexec

Tufts: tinyurl/tuftsexec

UCSB: tinyurl.com/ucsbexec



Is your school already listed on our website?

Experienced in communication, social media, and outreach?

Apply to be an ambassador for your collegiate chapter at Panel to the People!

If interested and you are an undergraduate student currently enrolled in:

Brown, CMU, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tufts, UC Berkeley, UChicago, UC Davis, UCLA, or UCSB,

Reach out to our VPs based on the geographic location of your school
for information on how to apply for an ambassador position!

Applications for ambassadors are received on a rolling basis.

East Coast (Northeast, Midwest (ENC), South):
Contact our President: Camden Lee

Email: camden@paneltothepeople.org

Instagram (DM): @leecamden

West Coast (Pacific, Midwest (WNC), Mountain):
Contact our VP of Ambassadors: Leena Zeidan

Email: zeidan@paneltothepeople.org

Instagram (DM): @leenazeidan